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Skyborn by salmologic

In my opinion, perfect fly rods are never designed in offices. They should be created in the same environment in which they are to be used… on the water, in the wind and near the fish.

I strongly believe that good fly rod designers should be proficient anglers, casters and instructors. Their designs need to be based on inherent knowledge and experience. If not, then how will they know the prerequisites for ultimate fly rod designs? Rods for different kinds of fish, rods for different fly fishing methods, rods for different weight classes, rods of different lengths… Fly fishers face a multitude of different conditions on the water. Fly rod designers need to “have been there, done that” in order to create rods that will handle all those conditions with elegant ease. There can be no other way!

My idea for the new Skyborn series has been evolving for the past three years and is based on more than 32 years of fly casting, instruction and fly fishing experience. Finding the perfect combination of carbon fibers to build equally perfect blanks takes a lot of time and a lot of prototypes. Unfortunately, there is no short cut to find the perfect action in a blank.

When designing Skyborn, salmologic’s first high-end rod series, I worked painstakingly and diligently in order to make them as good as they could possibly be – using the very best materials that are available for fly rods today.

Every single rod in the series has a designated purpose. In other words, it has been designed for specific types of fishing, casting, line weights and fly sizes. Every single rod is created to help you make the best of your precious time on the water and to improve your skills as a fly caster and, more importantly, as a fly fisher.
My ultimate goal for this series of fly rods was to create a divine merger between physics, technology and practical functionality. I strongly believe that I have succeeded in this endeavor and, knowing the intricacies of how these rods are designed, I am convinced that they will be responsive to anglers of all levels.

I have done my utmost to create tapers and actions that will match specific line weights. With the ultimate fusion of rod action and line weight, you will cast better, fish better and thus increase the quality of your fishing…

In 2001, I was the first person to start printing the recommended line weights on the rods that I designed. I have continued this practice, and even improved it, ever since. I did this because I found that the AFTM system was outdated. I still feel that way today. Furthermore, based on decades of consumer and industry feedback, it is clear that the AFTM system only leads to confusion. Salmologic will not follow this misleading path.

Line weight recommendation on Skyborn will be according to our G&G system, and you can rely on the fact that the recommendations we have printed on these rods are extremely precise. Take my word for it. A genuine and authentic rod designer ought to know exactly which line weight his rods load best with. It only makes sense to me to pass this information on to the consumer.

My true aim is to make you smile every time you grab your Skyborn fly rod – knowing that this rod has taken your fishing to a new level.

Tight lines!

Henrik Mortensen

Straight handles versus bent handles    

The lower bent handle is, in my world, the perfect handle for a fly rod, and there are many reasons justifying this. The main reason being that it helps you to keep the blank absolutely straight at all times. When held correctly, you will get the full benefit of the “back-bone” in the blank. Another good reason is that the bent handle helps you focus on the lower grip of the rod, which ensures you apply the power correctly.

However, we know and appreciate the fact that many still prefer the straight lower handle. In order to accommodate this preference, we have decided to include a salmologic straight handle as an option. It is available as an accessory to both switch rods and double hand rods. Now everyone can enjoy our innovative blanks, regardless of whether they prefer a straight or bent handle.

The big and real secret!

The Skyborn series will be our top series for at least the next 3 years and it will come with a price warranty for that duration. We can justify that because we will NOT be making a new series every year. It is simply not possible to improve on what we think comes close to perfection in such a short time. Developing a serious and innovative rod series takes a minimum of two years. Furthermore, the technology and the materials we depend and rely on to make top-notch and superior rods, only offer us new ways of improving approximately every 3rd to 4th year.